Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (almost)

Christmas has come and gone, but New Year’s still looms before us. Do I have plans? Just sleep. And I’ll be hitting up the Book Barn on New Year’s Day. What better way to spend the start of the New Year than with thousands of used books? I can think of nothing more I’d rather do.

This week I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work at a consignment shop. To be honest at first I thought I was losing my vacation, but it has been so fun! Not only do I get to poke through the store, but I get to help people find what they’re looking for and sell them wonderful, unique pieces. It’s an easy job, but, I must admit it’s hard not wanting to buy everything I see! Today I sold three pieces I wanted to buy for myself. ): Oh well… I did buy some gorgeous pins and a locket. Pictures later!

For Christmas I had a wonderful time with family. For the first time in my life I will NOT be lost on my first trip somewhere. My parents very thoughtfully bought me a GPS. I love it! I even use it when I don’t need it. And tonight my wonderful Bumblebee came home from the shop! He’s fixed! I get to drive him again, and that makes me VERY happy. Of course it cost a fortune to fix the damage from the tree, but I learned a valuable lesson: never park under a tree when it snows.

I’ve read a lot of books recently – most from the public library – and I will try to write some coherent reviews at some point in the near future. I need to better plan what I want to say. Everything on GoodReads just comes out like I rushed through, and that’s not what I want for my site.

So until next time! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or other holiday, and Happy New Year! Let’s all hope 2012 is a great year!

Second Chances

During November, which is National Novel Writing Month, I wrote what I hope will be my second novel. It’s currently titled Second Chances. In the book, sixteen year old Aaron Cassidy decides to face his fears. When he was just nine, a neighborhood dog attacked him, leaving his face permanently scarred. He decides he wants to overcome his fear by volunteering at an animal shelter. While there he befriends Finn, a teenage boy about his age who while kind, faces his own demons at home. Aaron’s friendships with Tyler and Caleb quickly fall apart when they decide they can’t deal with his being gay.

When an abused pit bull is brought into the shelter, Aaron is at first frightened; it looks horrifying. But when he starts to get close to the dog, he realizes they have a lot in common.

Can Aaron save the pit bull, Chance, before his time runs out?

To check out the book, just click the link to my inkpop page!

Sailor Moon

Ahh… just the name brings back feelings of nostalgia from my childhood. It was the anime and manga that got me into Japanese culture as a whole. It’s like a gateway drug into anime and manga – or at least it used to be. I was about 11 or 12 when it first came out over here and I watched it religiously from beginning to end. Then I got into Dragonball, but Sailor Moon was always my first love. The excitement! The magic! The romance… sigh…

I remember recording every single episode MULTIPLE times just to make sure I had backups of my backups. I had the CD with the songs from the show on it. For an entire year I listened to it every night as I went to bed, sometimes two or three times a night if I couldn’t sleep. There is one episode – the one where Darien and Serena (US version) reveal themselves to each other, and Serena is found to be Princess Serenity. I cried every single time I saw that episode and it still makes me tear up, especially because of the song!

I remember the fanfiction, roleplaying, creating my own senshi (Sailor Sun was my favorite… I still have my artwork of her somewhere around) and playing with them in groups. It may seem funny, but you know what? It actually helped develop my writing.

When I finally went to buy it on DVD when they first came out… I couldn’t afford it! They wanted $150 for half of a season. And I was broke. And then… it disappeared. The manga faded in popularity and went out of print. The companies that owned the anime lost their license for it.

BUT IT’S COMING BACK! Codename Sailor V and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon are back as manga! Is the anime next? Season five was never shown in America, probably due to some of controversial issues (the Sailor Starlights are male idols during the day, but when they transform they become female senshi since only women can be senshi in the series). I will admit that I found the entire series on DVD for sale – including the movies – and splurged on myself and bought it. I cannot wait for them to come in! I’m going to have a field day watching all of my favorite episodes!