Second Chances

During November, which is National Novel Writing Month, I wrote what I hope will be my second novel. It’s currently titled Second Chances. In the book, sixteen year old Aaron Cassidy decides to face his fears. When he was just nine, a neighborhood dog attacked him, leaving his face permanently scarred. He decides he wants to overcome his fear by volunteering at an animal shelter. While there he befriends Finn, a teenage boy about his age who while kind, faces his own demons at home. Aaron’s friendships with Tyler and Caleb quickly fall apart when they decide they can’t deal with his being gay.

When an abused pit bull is brought into the shelter, Aaron is at first frightened; it looks horrifying. But when he starts to get close to the dog, he realizes they have a lot in common.

Can Aaron save the pit bull, Chance, before his time runs out?

To check out the book, just click the link to my inkpop page!

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