Editing… and Twitter

As of a few minutes ago, I sent what I hope are my final edits to my amazing editor. There were changes that had to be made, but I feel like they make the book better. I hope she agrees and likes them! If not, back to editing soon!

This second round of editing was intense to me, because there were changes that had to be made, but it was great experience. Every comment my editor made was perfect and helped me take the book to a new level. I also learned what to look for when I’m working on editing my second book before sending it in for a submission. I already know what changes I need to make (even more than before!) to make it that much better.

In other news, I joined Twitter tonight. I’m a bit behind on that, but I figured why not! Heck, even my PARENTS are on it. So if you have it, you can follow me @WriterJenLavoie. Who knows what will pop up there! You can also track what I’m up to with the little Twitter feed on the right side of this screen.

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