Mermaid: The Body Found Documentary

I’ve been watching the Mermaid: The Body Found documentary on the Discovery Channel. I pray it’s not faked, because this is fascinating.

Also excellent is the discussion I’ve had with a student while watching the program. I would love to teach a course on alternate evolutionary theories.

For example: Could merpeople really exist? There is evidence that certains species of whales are evolved from canine forms that entered the ocean. And is that is possible, why not an ape/human like species?

The program brings up good points. We have partial webbing between our fingers, yet apes do not. Human infants when tossed in the water at birth can instinctively hold their breathes, yet primate infants cannot. We have more flexible spines, like those of aquatic mammals.

The program claims that the reason for this is because for a time, the primates we evolved from moved to the coast for food. They adapted to the environment, and when it became necessary, moved back inland, retaining some of those features. But a separate group moved into the sea and evolved further over time.

I can believe it.

There are other programs that claim we are genetic engineering from ancient astronauts, and that is why there is a “missing link.” Because these engineers from the past took what they had, mixed it with our DNA, and created us.

I can also believe that.

I mean, why not? There is so much we don’t know about our world. So many new species are STILL being found. So, why not test every theory?

My one question is this: What would the religious institutions around the world do if Merpeople really do exist?

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