Book Review: The Secret of Othello by Sam Cameron

Okay, so I was approved for a copy on NetGalley… and I was going to wait to read it, really I was… but I had it in my hands and HAD to read it. So I did.


First of all, I highly recommend reading the first book, Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure, before reading this one. There are some situations alluded to in this book that happen in the first that might not make sense to new readers. However, they are few and I believe it COULD stand alone. But why would you want to read this and not the first? It was amazing and I have been waiting for the sequel since the first book was even announced! … if that makes sense…

As for this book, it stands up. The intrigue and mystery is just as good as in the first, and I was literally up all night reading it. I just couldn’t put it down.

Steven and Denny are great characters, and I was so excited to see more of Sean and Brian. Steven gets himself – yet again – into serious trouble with the girls (THREE of them this time), and Denny has trouble in his first relationship with a guy. He’s not sure of himself, and his awkward responses are hilarious but sweet.

I also loved Denny’s melodramatic responses to everything. He quite frequently announces that he’s going to go drown himself, and once even jumps off the boat and starts to swim away. I was laughing out loud quite often.

Irma and Ed are great additions as well. I would love to see more of them in the next book.

Did I mention next book? Yes I did, because there WILL be a third. There is a sample at the end, and the book ends on a cliffhangar that had me ready to throw my Kindle across the room.

If you’re a teen fan of mystery, check out this series. If you like reading about gay teens struggling to accept themselves and come out, Denny is a great character. No matter what, everyone should find something they like in these characters. From the twins’ father to their Aunt Riza, all the characters are fascinating and realistic.

This book will be available for purchase on September 18, 2012 from Bold Strokes Books. You can preorder from them here, or through Amazon.

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