Book Review: The Jetsetters by David-Matthew Barnes

Originally I was not going to post adult book reviews on this site, but I’ve decided the heck with that. I’ll just label the books as adult and put them under a different recommended reads page! So with that, here we go.

Justin and Diego are great characters, and let me tell you, that opening paragraph of chapter one almost killed me. I knew from the start that I was in for an emotional ride and it did not let me down. I’ve also come to realize that I suck at relationships BECAUSE of books. I expect them to be like THIS relationship, between Justin and Diego.

The attraction between the characters might be instantaneous, but it feels so realistic. It is a phsyical attraction, but they both have that feeling that everything is just right. And why can’t that happen? Their fears and lives are also real, and I felt for them the entire time I read the book. (Okay, so it took me less than a day to read, but I still felt for them.)

The secondary characters are phenomenal, too. By the end of the book I loved Mary Jane. She has some great one-lines towards the end that I even highlighted them on my Kindle! And Nina. What’s not to love-hate about her? Or Darla?
My only gripe with the book is that it wasn’t longer. I wanted to know more about what happened to Justin and Diego. While I have no doubt that they are back together and committed 100%, I still wanted to see it. And cherish it with them. And then cry because that’s what I want in a relationship to.

Barnes does an amazing job with this book. The music is wonderfully chosen and fits the tone (yes, I went and found the songs as they came up in the book), and I wish Diego was a real person so I could hear him sing his song for Justin.

Now, excuse me while I go stare at my ceiling and pray for a love like theirs.

This book will be released on September 18, 2012. You can preorder it from Bold Strokes Books or Amazon.

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