New School Year

So this week starts the third week of the new school year, and so far I am loving my new school. In fact, to be honest, love is not strong enough a word. I am the happiest I have ever been while teaching. I know people might say it’s still the honeymoon phase and I’ll get over it eventually, but – as much as I lovd my old school – this one just rocks!

My kids are all amazing, and the staff I work with is as enthusiastic about education as I am. It is very clear to me that everyone I teach with finds teaching to be a passion, and not just a job. This is so important to me, and I feel like I fit in.

I am honored to have been hired for my position, and I will give the school and its students my all. Already my kids amaze me with their passion for trying new things and reading. In just the first three weeks I have filled up four pages of books in my book borrowing log with a third of the students I had at my old school.

There are so many opportunities at this school. I love how involved in the community it is, and how active the students are! How exciting is that?

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