So it’s been quite some time since I updated here, and that’s totally my fault. I’ve been busy! Busy reading, that is. I am just one book away from reaching my goal of one HUNDRED books read this year. And it’s still November! I think I’ll definitely beat my goal and my actual count from last year at this rate. Very pleased about that.

A few Fridays ago on November 9, I had the AMAZING opportunity to be a part of a panel of authors at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT. One of the other authors was James Lecesne, the author of Trevor, the book and the movie! The other was none other than Frank Anthony Polito, author of Band Fags and Drama Queers. I remember his books coming out when I still worked at Borders, and loved them! I was so excited to meet them and the other authors. The panel was interesting, too, because I got to sit on a really tall chair and use a microphone to speak. I also found out that the author and poet Bessy Reyna loves Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar just as much as I do, and she loves the story of Hadrian and his young lover, Antinous, just like I do!

Having this event at the Mark Twain House was incredible. I love that place. I feel like I’ve really made it now!

All proceeds when to the True Colors organization, which serves teens who are sexual and gender minoirities.