Newtown Tragedy

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and I feel terrible for posting because of a tragedy, but I also feel that this is a post I must make.

I’m sure anyone viewing this page already knows this, but on December 14, 2012, there was a horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. A shooter got into the school and killed 20 students and 6 teachers. These were young children, babies really, none older than seven years old.

As a teacher who works in a K-8 school, I felt I needed to express my feelings. First towards the unexplainable violence shown against our society’s most vulnerable, and also towards the acts of heroism exhibited by the teachers who risked their lives to save those of their students.

As a teacher who lost a student last year, I know a bit of what the other teachers must feel like, however I know I do no understand the true enormity of the grief they must feel. I am not a parent, however, I do feel like a parent towards my students whom I refer to as my kids.

That someone would want to harm those who are so young and innocent bewilders me. It angers me. There is no sense in the act. Hundreds, if not thousands of lives are forever changed because of this.

As for the teachers, they truly are heroes. Too often we are told that we are overpaid and underworked. That our jobs end when we leave the school. But that is not the case. More and more this is becoming a dangerous profession where we are put at blame for falling test scores and problems that occur in the home. But at the same time it is an incredible job, and I consider myself lucky to be a teacher. There is no greater joy in finding a book a child loves to read and talking about it with them. Forging that connection with a student through the power of literature.

Though I’m not particularly religious, may God bless the little angels who have joined Him in Heaven, and the hero teachers who sacrificed their lives to save the children they were responsible for during the school day.