Graduate Studies, here I come!

A few weeks ago I applied for graduate school. I need to get my Masters degree in order to continue being certified to teach, but at the same time I WANT my Masters degree in English so that I can eventually pursue a Doctorates in English.

I was accepted! In Fall 2013 I will once again but a college student, but this time in the graduate courses. You better believe I’ll also be listening to conversations and making observations. I have a plot in my head that can be helped by taking these courses.

Can’t wait! Studying, here I come!

2014 Nutmeg Nominees

Each year a list of books is nominated for the Nutmeg Award. What’s really fantastic about this award is that the winners are chosen by students around the state, who read the books and vote for their favorite!

The winners of the 2013 Nutmeg Award are as follows:

Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea for Intermediate and Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry for Teens. I’m thrilled that Rot & Ruin won because it was such a fantastic novel. My students and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

This year is a little different because there are three categories. A new one was added for High School readers, and the books are great. It’s my hope to read many of them, and will included my reviews here. I did already read one, a graphic novel, and will post the review soon. I’ll also include a picture of the fun board I put up for students to challenge themselves with the novels.


Hey everyone! You do NOT want to miss out on this at all. For some reason, maybe for Pride Month, Amazon is running a sale on a ton of Bold Strokes Books titles. Many of them are the incredible young adult novels that are NOT to be missed. I’ve included the titles and links in the following list so you can take advantage of the sale now while they’re only $.99 cents! YES. 99 CENTS. Can you even believe it?!

Mesmerized by David-Matthew Barnes:
In Stone by Jeremy Jordan King:
Father Knows Best by Lynda Sandoval? by K.E. Payne:
Speaking Out edited by Steve Berman:
365 Days by KE Payne:
Cursebusters! by Julie Smith:
Street Dreams by Tama Wise:
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