From Costa Rica

Well, this post isn’t from Costa Rica. I WISH I was there, but sadly I’ve never been. Someday, though! I hope to visit.

So why is this post titled this way? Because last month I received a very special email from a fan in Costa Rica. That’s right. COSTA. RICA.

I did a little dance when I read it, and then my heart grew three sizes that day, because this reader was the first reader (who didn’t already know me) to reach out and tell me they’d enjoyed the book.

I’ve always hoped people enjoyed the book, and now I know that there are people out there who the book touches. It makes me so happy. THIS is why I write.

I also received another email the other day, but due to the wonders of Facebook, I didn’t receive the message until six months later. A gay┬áteenage male reader found the courage to buy the book, read it, and send me a message. THAT made my day. I feel terrible that I didn’t see the email right away, but I did respond. To both readers.

I would love to hear from you if you read the book, and I assure you, if I do see your email, I WILL respond. No matter what. ­čÖé

So, to my reader in Costa Rica and to my fan on Facebook, this post is for you! Thank you with all of my heart for reading and enjoying Andy Squared enough to send me a message.

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