#bookaday – Day 4: Least favorite book by favorite author

This is a hard one. I have books I don’t like, but when I like an author, I tend to like ALL of the things they write. It’s hard to say which one is the “least favorite,” especially if it’s a series, because that just seems…strange. So I’m sitting here trying to write this post, staring at my bookshelves and trying to ponder the answer to this one. And it’s hard.

I think I got it now. There was a romance series of eight books I read many years ago. The series deals with eight brothers, four sets of twins, and a prophecy surrounding them. I liked how each of the brothers was different and had different powers. I thought the women, for the most part, were really great for the men. I do remember being disappointed with the fourth book, The Song, by Jean Johnson. I just didn’t think the woman paired with that brother was right. I don’t know why. I didn’t care for her too much, though she was nice enough. I also was upset with what happened to him in regards to his voice, and I wasn’t satisfied with the resolution at all.

Maybe I should reread the series, though. It’s been awhile and I did truly enjoy the world building.

Plus it was the first ever romance book I read cover to cover without putting down. And the first romance series I actually finished. I ended up collecting all of the books as trade paperbacks because I liked them so much. And if that doesn’t say something, well…

One thought on “#bookaday – Day 4: Least favorite book by favorite author

  1. So wouldn’t say that George RR Martin is a FAVORITE author, but I did get sucked into the Game of Thrones series. Like, SUCKED IN. And really enjoyed the first books. Then came Dance With Dragons, the latest in the series. And I am only about a third of the way through. And have been since it came out. It just didn’t grab me the way the others did. He keeps introducing new characters that don’t seem to have anything to do with the main story, and I feel he has gotten away from the story to throw in these characters that make no sense to me. I want to read what is happening with the main characters that are left, although not many are. I will finish it one day, more because I HATE having a book I haven’t finished than any interest in it.

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