It’s Official!

I have an official release date for Andy Squared! It’s so exciting, because it’s like finding out when my child is going to be born. In fact, it’s exactly eight months from today!

September 18, 2012 will be when Andy Squared is available in bookstores and on the Bold Strokes Books website.

Blogging at the BSB Blog

On January 12th I was honored to post my first blog at the Bold Strokes Books author blog. It was such a great experience! Though I don’t have a book out yet, it was fun to see what readers and other authors thought about the blog. I chose to share my entry about bullying because it’s such an important topic for me.

I’ve been hard at work editing this three-day weekend. I had a breakthrough today and I think it’s going well. Tomorrow I have some more work to do, but it’s late, a  new episode of Finding Bigfoot is on, and I have a 1939 edition of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens to read.

I haven’t read this book since my freshman year in high school, which was quite awhile ago. I challenged a friend to a read off, because she’s tried reading it since then but failed. So we’ll go through this journey together! If you’re wondering why this book of all the Dickens I could choose to read, it’s because lately I’ve thought a lot about Ms. Havisham. Why? Beats me! She just popped into my mind one day and won’t let go. Report on how my view of the novel has changed since that first reading will be up when I finish.

NaNoWriMo 2011 Edition

I’m doing it again. After a year off, I decided to do NaNoWriMo again. (For those not in the know, that strange word stands for National Novel Writing Month.) I decided to challenge my students, and so far have about 21 signed up to participate. They have chosen word counts ranging from 3,000 to the full 50,000 like me. I have an idea so do they. We have plans! We have inspiration! We are… INSANE!

This will be my sixth year participating out of the last seven. I’ve only “won” twice by completing the word count goal of 50,000. My 2008 win was Andy Squared, the novel that is due out next year through Bold Strokes Books. I had completely rewritten the novel and finished it during that month. Of course that doesn’t take into account all the editing in the following years, but at least the story was finally fully out. No pun intended.

My novel this year will be centered on Aaron. He is disfigured from a dog attack when he was nine years old. Now sixteen, he decides he wants to overcome his fear of dogs by volunteering at an animal shelter. Like my other books, Aaron is gay, but his being gay is not at the center of the story. Yes there will likely be a small romance, but it is not the focus. The focus is overcoming his fear of dogs and living a full, carefree life like he had before the attack. I think too many YA LGBT books that are out there focus on the process of coming out and the reactions from peers and family. While that does happen with Andy in my first novel, I didn’t want a repeat in this new, as yet untitled work.

That aside, is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo? If you want to check it out, head over to for more information. I’ll be only participating on the Young Writer’s Program site: