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4.20.13 – Greg Herren graciously answered some pressing questions I had for him! What a good sport and an amazing author whom I’ve admired since my undergrad days in college!

4.17.13 – Madison Parker stops in for a guest posts/blog tour stop for her new young adult novel, Play Me, I’m Yours from Harmony Ink Press. The subject? Party games. Notably, kissing games. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Guest Posts and Interviews

  1. I absolutely LOVED this book when i read it ! Andrew,Ryder, and all the others in this book are incredibly believable and 3 dimensional . I don’t usually read these types of books , preferring fantasy novels , but Andy Squared is a delightful exception ! I can’t wait to read Ms Lavoie’s next novel !

  2. Are we allowed to post reviews of our own on here ? If so , I’ve got one for you !

    A few days ago , I watched a great movie called ” The Perks of Being a Wallflower. ” It is based on the novel by Charles something-or-other , i think .
    Anyway , ” The Perks of Being a Wallflower ” is about a high school freshman named Charlie who is sort of an outsider . He hasn’t had an easy life and is painfully shy. His only goal is to get through high school as unnoticed as possible. But that all changes when he meets two seniors , Sam and Patrick , who take him under their wing and show him the perks of standing out. All becomes right with him as he grows closer to them . Or so you think.
    This movie is delightfully layered as it shows you what changes , while also giving u a look into his very mysterious past. I found Charlie to be a very lovable and connectable character. You can find it on Netflix or Redbox and such. I HIGHLY recommend it .

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