Andy Squared

Here’s what some readers have to say about Andy Squared.

Lindsay, from Rapacious Reading:

I love the characters (and occasionally love to hate them), and I like that many of them, not just Andrew, are so dynamic in fairly dramatic ways.

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Lauren, from Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance:

I really enjoyed Andy Squared overall. I actually read it in one night. Whenever I wanted to stop and actually get some sleep, I would start a new chapter just to see what would happen next with Andy, Ryder, and the drama that slowly unfolded upon their perfect world.

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Brooke, from The Cover Contessa:

I found this to be an easy, fast and delightful contemporary read. A look at what it means to come into yourself and realize that you are not at all what you thought you were.

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Jessi from Reading in the Corner:

As a coming-of-age story AND a coming-out story, Andy Squared does a good job portraying the difficulties of learning to accept who you are and realizing that others sometimes will and sometimes won’t accept that.

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Rachel from Libby Blog:

I loved Andrew as a character. He felt very real to me as he went through his self-discovery. I liked how the author slowly allowed Andrew to recognize that he is gay—and the author uses this beautiful attraction plot line to reveal Andrew and his feelings. I also appreciated Ryder’s character, as he patiently waited for Andrew to realize for himself what his emotional changes meant.

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Rebecca from Crunchings & Munchings:

Mostly, Andy Squared is a pretty chill story of how someone who has always gone with the flow learns that to really find out who he is he has to stop automatically doing what is expected of him.

Read the full review here. (Side note, I love the title of the review!)

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2 thoughts on “Andy Squared

  1. Andy squared was literally, the best book. I read it within 24 hours, I could not put it down. It would honestly be awesome to read a sequel.

    • Hi Marissa! Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I’m glad you liked Andy Squared! I’ve had quite a few people ask about a sequel. Originally I had no intention of writing one, but I have had some ideas pop up. It’s not a guarantee of course, but knowing there’s interest helps. 🙂 I’d love to read any review you’ve written of the book, if you’ve posted one!

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