Meeting Chance

Here’s what some readers have to say about Meeting Chance.

Tina/Lisa from The Novel Approach:

Meeting Chance is such a sweet story, so full of love.  Aaron matures before our eyes as he takes on more responsibility and makes adult decisions about whom he wants in his life.  One of the greatest things about this book for me was that although it is a YA LGBT novel, the fact that the main character is gay is a non-issue, for the most part.  I don’t mean to say it’s mentioned once and forgotten, it comes up more than a few times, but the book isn’t about Aaron finding a boy to love.  It’s about a boy, who happens to be gay, who bonds with a dog.

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Madison from True Colorz:

 I enjoyed seeing all the “little things” that Aaron had to deal with on a daily basis, like if/when/how to tell new people he meets that he’s gay, and if/when/how to ask if they are too; or how to react to children (who have no filter and don’t understand that they’re being impolite) when they stare at or make comments about his disfigured face.

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Sheila from ForeWord Reviews:

Lavoie examines the setting for Aaron’s journey in loving detail, showcasing the training, caretaking, planning, and plain old hard work that goes into running an animal shelter and getting abandoned animals into new homes. We get to know Chance’s gentle spirit as he tries to get his large body onto Aaron’s small lap or plays with the shelter’s kittens. As much as we root for Aaron to overcome his fears and find friends who understand him, we want Chance to love and be loved. It’s this question—who will adopt a disfigured pit bull?—that engages the reader in the outcome.

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