I’ve decided to make a page for movie reviews, because lets face it, there are some amazing films out there.

Curiosity of Chance, The – High school student Chance attends an international high school in Belgium where he learns how to be true to himself and make new friends on the way in this hilarious comedy.

Frozen – A Disney movie loosely based off of “The Snow Queen.” Sisters Elsa and Anna face a series of trials as they try to save their kingdom from eternal winter and learn about true love on the way.

Sensei, The – A martial arts tale told with a gay teen, a female teacher, and a twist you won’t see coming that breaks stereotypes and, in the end, your heart.

This Is What Love In Action Looks Like – A short but interesting documentary that looks at what happens when a gay teen is forced by his parents into the Refuge, a place that tries to turn gay teens straight.

Warm Bodies – An interesting and fresh take on zombies.

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