Recommended Reads

Here you will find books I reviewed and recommend for adult or teen readers. The books have been separated by category due to content or other age appropriate topics.

Do you have a book you think I must read? Please, leave a comment! I’ll be happy to add the book to my list.

5 thoughts on “Recommended Reads

  1. Hi–
    I absolutely love the Gay Youth Chronicles by Mark A. Roeder. They have about 20 books, but they all can stand alone. You should read the beginning one(s) either The Soccer Field is Empty or Something is Watching; they are amazing.

    Hope you try/like the books,

    • Hi Ellie!

      Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have the first five books in the series (chronologically speaking). I read Outfield Menace and Snow Angel, both of which I ADORED and I have Soccer Field, Someone is Watching, and the one after that. But I’m so afraid of reading them! I know Soccer Field ends sadly, and I’m terrified of getting attached to the characters. Is it still a good read?


      • Jen,
        Yes, it is still a great read! I have read almost all of them and even though they are sad Mark (the author) said himself that it had to end that way to prove a point. If you read them you will, without a doubt get quite attached to the charactors, but don’t let that get in your way. I enjoyed every one of the books immensley.

        Go ahead and try them,

        • 🙁 I guess I’ll just have to stomach my way through them. I know I’ll love the books, and I like reading things chronologically which is why I’m stuck. But… they’ve been sitting on my shelf for at least 4 years now. Gotta suck it up!

          • Just saying, if you don’t want to read them and they are just stuck sitting on your shelf I would be willing to take them off your hands…

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