Graduate Studies, here I come!

A few weeks ago I applied for graduate school. I need to get my Masters degree in order to continue being certified to teach, but at the same time I WANT my Masters degree in English so that I can eventually pursue a Doctorates in English.

I was accepted! In Fall 2013 I will once again but a college student, but this time in the graduate courses. You better believe I’ll also be listening to conversations and making observations. I have a plot in my head that can be helped by taking these courses.

Can’t wait! Studying, here I come!

End of the year blues…

It’s almost the end of the school year. There are only two more full days left and three half days. Last year at this time I would be thrilled to have a few months off to recoup, read, and plan for next year. This year, it’s bittersweet.

Yes, I look forward to a few months of downtime and a lot of reading (and writing. Camp Nano August here I come!) but there are some negatives about it.

First and foremost, because of cuts in the English department, I will not be returning to the Bristol school system next year. It’s devastating to me because I love it so much. I love my coworkers and my students, and I truly do feel that we are all one big family. The last three years at Memorial Boulevard has been an amazing experience and I cherish each moment. I thought I found a home there, and I did. I’ll miss everyone.

Second, not only will I not be in Bristol, but the school I love so much is closing. Memorial¬† Boulevard is over 90 years old, and the city decided to build two new buildings instead. Yes, I agree that is a bit outdated and needs some work, and yes there is mold in many rooms, but it’s a beautiful piece of architecture and has so much history! My grandmother attended the school when it was a high school in the 1940s. My classroom looks onto a field and is shaded by a beautiful tree that has the most interesting purple/green leaves. I love the pigeons that land on my windowsills and threaten to come into the room if the window is open. I love the squirrels that hang out on the brances and watch the students.

Despite all these things, I know I will find a new home somewhere. I’ve been applying for jobs and the right one will come to me, as everyone says.

It’s just sad to see such a wonderful time come to an end.