Searching For Someone: The Wonders of Facebook

In my last post I explained that I was searching for someone. For my older half brother whom I had never met. My cousin supplied me with the much needed information and I began my search.

Facebook is quite a remarkable tool when it comes to trying to find someone. True, not everyone is on it, but quite a few people are.

I typed in the known name of my brother and was given a few hits. The first one looked the most promising, so I clicked on it.

And saw for the first time the person who might be my brother.

His information is locked, so it’s hard to tell all the details, but his location matches up, the name matches up, and there was a woman in his friends list with his mother’s name, and when I clicked on her, I found that her maiden name also matches.


I have sent both of them messages via Facebook as this is the only method of communication I have at this moment. I hope they check their pages soon. I will try to find other ways in which to contact them until then. In my long message, I explain who I was and who I hoped they might be.

My fingers are crossed.

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Since everyone and their cat seems to have a Facebook account now, I decided to make a fan page for Andy Squared. If you have an account, please like the page at:

I’ll keep information updated there. And feel free to pass the link along! I love seeing the numbers grow, just like the visits on my site!

Right now it doesn’t have any pictures, but eventually I will have cover art to share. Until then there is a nice question mark! 🙂