A Few Things

First: I am back from my trip to Iowa for the Odyssey of the¬†Mind World Finals. I’m very proud of my students! They worked hard and put everything into their props and performance. They placed 21st in their Division, which is good for a first time team and coach. While some of the kids have been to Worlds before, for a few it’s either their first time as a division two team, or their first time period. It was such an amazing experience! We made friends with a team from Singapore, watched their performance, and had them show up at ours. We even traded shirts with them! Their coach, Madeline, was nice and we talked while the girls traded Facebook names.

Second: Hatfields¬†& McCoys the mini series. It’s incredible, but I can’t watch it because it’s too heartbreaking! It is hard to believe something like this happened between two families.

Third: Adam Lambert’s Tresspassing album is amazing. I love every single song on it, and that’s incredibly rare for me. “Outlaws of Love” is probably my favorite song on there.