Letterboxing, Books, and Counting Down

I don’t have a release date for Andy Squared yet. I’m sure I won’t get that for awhile. However, I decided I would do something fun to countdown, help gain some interest in the book, and also bring to light some interest in other great books! My idea was to combine two of my favorite things (new and old) into one: creating stamps for letterboxes from the covers of some of my favorite books.

Each month I’ll plant a new box to honor one of my favorite books (and I have a lot of them!) and hopefully by the end I will be able to make a stamp for the cover of Andy Squared!

First Finders will get a copy of the book that the stamp is based on (if the book is available to me at a reasonable price, anyway, because some are out of print and hard to find).

For November I did Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. Those interested in finding the stamp can check out the clues on AtlasQuest here. I was really proud of the carve, too. It’s not 100% accurate to the cover, but that’s okay. I added my own little flair to it. What do you think?